This photoblog contest is part of Wen Zao Week celebration. You can earn points (using your Wen Zao week passport). See my session, Friday 1-3 pm, T301 for details. There will also be a video (photos and music) presentation about Vincent Van Gogh. Be there!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Photoblog Contest

Hello and Welcome to Wen Zao Photoblog Contest

What: This contest will run through October 16-21, 2005 (Wen Zao Week).

Who: Students from Wen Zao (all departments and year levels) are eligible to join this contest.

What will I do: Easy. To join this contest, all you have to do is to submit your creative photos taken using any digital camera or a mobile phone and email to me (email address will be mailed to you). Write a very short (one line) description about that you've taken. Give it a title, too. As soon as you email your photos, they will automatically be uploaded to this blog. You should be able to see your photo entries in minutes.

How many photos can I submit?: You can submit as many photo entries as you wish.

What are the prizes?: Brace yourself because we've got good prizes for you.
1st prize: A book about Leonardo Da Vinci, "The Universal Man" by
Alessandra Fregolent, Hard Cover, Good quality paper and a pack of Blueberry Chocolates (imported).

2nd prize: Two books from award winning writer, Stuart Woods and Barry Siegel

3rd prize: a collection of pencils with matching erasers (super cute!)

What are you waiting for? Take those photos and submit them ASAP!

Winners will be selected through online voting (details to be announced later)

Aiden Yeh


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